Give Me Sexy – L’Espresso (PDF)


Sex is a serious subject. I was asked by the editors of L’Espresso to meditate on “sex and business”. My first thought was, why me? Then I thought of the other choices: death, politics, travel. Written by Kevin Roberts.

Loyalty Beyond Reason in Milan


HSM’s World Business Forum in Milan brings together business leaders and executives from throughout Germany and Italy. This presentation looks into ideas behind the new role of business, Lovemarks and the Attraction Economy.

True Colors


A presentation to the 7th Annual Emerging Trends in Retailing Conference in Fayetteville, USA. Retailers are central to the sustainability journey because they touch shoppers. It’s not enough to be responsible, retailers have to become inspirational. This speech covers the different dimensions of sustainability and ideas to get started with.

The Future Beyond Lovemarks?

Kevin Video

Lovemarks has been around for a few years now and people are starting to ask what comes next. This clip looks at how the game changed and what the essential ingredients of a Lovemark are.

Media Rules Have Changed – Today (PDF)


Fierce competition in the marketplace, and increased media clutter have taken their toll on brands. The advertising game has changed; brands that play by yesterday’s rules are in for a rude awakening.