Here’s a snapshot of worldwide Lovemark thinking – the products, people and places that visitors like best:

“I had my first relationship with an Apple object 23 years ago, when I bought a used Apple II. I have owned Apple products, nearly every product Apple has made, since that first purchase. I always show my Apple objects to my friends and share my enthusiasm with anyone who will listen. I have converted many non-believers to Apple fans and raised my children to be devotees. I found work where I spend my days with Apple and when I get home most evenings I spend hours with my Mac. My loyalty is an emotional issue.”

Dualit Bread Toaster: That tick! I first used one at work, toasting the room service toast in a large hotel. 20 loaves a day, without missing a beat. Now a small one beats the rhythm of our morning. I have been known to take it on holiday. Not indestructible, but tougher than anything else on the block. And easy to fix. If one comes your way, grab it. Even if it is old and beaten up: get it fixed, it will love you forever.”

Barnes & Noble is a haven. The thousands of books on the shelves are so full of promise. I remember my parents asking my sisters and I what we would like to do on a Sunday evening. We always ended up spending hours in Barnes & Noble, browsing, reading and dreaming together.”

“I hate waiting for anything or anyone. Except a pint of Guinness Draught. There’s always, always time for Guinness. Just sitting at a bar and watching as the bartender pours me one. The dark liquid rolling around, a surge of bubbles and cream; almost a warning. It’s time to set down the glass for the first pause. A few lazy moments to reflect upon the last time I had one. Then the bartender is back for the final pour. Again a moment to let the excitement settle down a bit and it’s my turn. I just waited a glorious 4 minutes and I haven’t even had the first sip yet. The best is yet to come.”

San Francisco, which everyone loves even if they’ve not been there, and Burma – no one knows it’s been re-named, but they all get the picture of the misty valley, full of temples, whenever they hear the name.”

“I love my Toyota Prius. There’s truly no other vehicle I want to drive. When I bought my car in 2004, I felt the embrace of the Prius community. Like-minded owners drove past and waved, as if to say, “Hey, you’ve got one too! A goofy-looking car from the future that gets 50 miles per gallon!” I can’t imagine living without my Prius.”

“A treasure trove. A portal of possibilities! Ever since I discovered Google, it has been in my life everyday. I use it for work, for play. It helps me navigate through a life that is becoming more and more ingrained in the Web. Google, I love you.”

Oprah Winfrey. The lady is a breathing brand. Her life’s journey, which is also her career, has evolved and progressed with diverse audiences. She has managed to take along her mature audience whilst still attracting new ones – males, politicians, opinion makers, even world leaders. Oprah is definitely a Lovemark.”

“Some people take Prozac. Some people hole up in a bar. Some people go to church. My sanctuary is the Times Crossword . The simple act of turning to it is cathartic. The ability to lose oneself in its mental maze is the equivalent of meditation. To have it faxed to me when I am abroad is the only indulgence I have ever had. To someone who loves words it is bliss. Sheer bliss. And make no mistake, there is no other. There really is no htore. (Anagram 5 letters)”

“I bought my first Moleskine in the summer of 2002. It’s been a love story ever since!”

“I love Cadbury chocolates! Ever since by chance I tried one, I adore them! The problem is that I live in Mexico and they aren’t always available, and for a while the supermarket, where you could find them, withdrew them from the market, no idea why…but I almost had a heart attack. I kept looking for them everytime I visited the supermarket, but without luck, until one day I found them again! Months later my favorite chocolates were back on sale!! I swear I hugged the rack they were in. I missed them so much. Nothing makes me feel good as a Cadbury.”

“I will never forget the first time I walked into a Sephora store. It was heaven. Everything a girl could ask for. Endless aisles covered from top to bottom with every perfume you might want, each with a tester and slips of paper for you to try them all. Plus, any cosmetic product you could need. Every time i walk into a Sephora it’s the same feeling. Time stops when you walk in, everything is in perfect harmony and all your troubles disappear.”

Chick-fil-A. I have recently discovered what a great company this is. It was raining the other day in Tallahassee, Florida, and I saw an employee come out of the store with an umbrella and offer to walk a customer inside. What customer service! Very impressive.”

“I have, through the ages, loved Nike (although more on the fashion side than the sports side). From the classics it has followed me in growing up through my fashion (mistakes) evolutions. As my tastes have matured and I try and bring my love of technology into my personal world into the brands I am evangelistic over, none performs this with more continuity bringing everything from fitness to fashion to techology as Nike Plus. Imagine fashion and technology, and it keeps you fit. Truly inspiring.”

“I love my Wii. I should call it my childrens’ Wii…but since I waited in line for 4 hours to get it, I secretly call it my own. It’s fun. It’s intuitive. The remotes (or Wiimotes, as we call them) are so versatile that game play is easy to learn, but hard to master. The graphics may not be as sophisticated as PS III, but I haven’t seen anyone play it without quickly getting a smile on their face. Maybe that’s why Nintendo is selling so many more of these than Sony is. I love my Wii. Wii, wii, wii, all the way home.

“Just one Lovemark! Forget it … if you are only passionate about one thing, you aren’t passionate at all! Lovemarks: New York’s sister Lovemark city, London (is there another city that inspires so much love and hate in equal measures?). Kylie Minogue (not Madonna). Pret a Manger (not Starbucks).Charlotte Street Hotel (not The Sanderson). Time OutThe Union JackSelfridgesSonyTate ModernLondon EyeThe Jagger familyGlamour MagazineBlack cabsPaul Smith.Portobello RoadAndrex (people are in love with that puppy).Carphone Warehouse (does anyone buy their phone anywhere else?) Easyjet (they are in love with Stelios taking on the world). Habitat / Ikea (people are still in love with what they create from them for their personal house space).”

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